Dane DeHaan photographed by Sebastian Kim for GQ Magazine

notsospotlessmind replied to your post: Who’s tryna see touche amore and tiger…

How much are tickets?

i don’t know i didn’t look haha i just found out about it

Title: Too Much
Artist: Drake
Album: Nothing Was The Same
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Who’s tryna see touche amore and tigers jaw with me in Columbia or Charlotte in July???

Whenever I walk somewhere on campus I’m always out of breath and my heart is pounding when I get there but I can’t tell if that’s because I’m out of shape or because I’m really anxious the whole time I’m walking

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Look at the Hardy Boys! They started out as kid detectives just solving mysteries in Bayport and now they have an entire book series about them!”

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I wish I didn’t get emotionally attached to people so easily it’s really hindering my ability to have sex with random men

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Breaking Bad Season 2 Gag Reel [x]


Emma Stone | by Craig McDean for Vogue US, May 2014

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